Asianet Media & Entertainment FZ-LLC

Broadcast Support Services
  • TV / Radio - Sales and Marketing
  • TV / Radio -News Bureau
1. THE BUSINESS Asianet News is the number one news channel in Kerala, India. It has been airing news in Malayalam for the last 20 years. The channel enjoys the loyalty of Keralaites all over the world. It stands in the top of television ratings in India and the GCC. Asianet News has been conducting its news gathering operations and other marketing and promotional activities through Asianet Global Fz Llc.Now the channel is trying to have exclusive operations for the middle east regions through a new company. The company Asianet News Fz Llc is being incorporated to tap this business opportunity. A.)Products or Services ( Activities) The company intends to carry on the following activities a.)Broadcast Support Services 1. TV sales & marketing : The company will be the exclusive seller of advertisement time of Asianet News in the GCC region. It will also undertake promotion and marketing activities relating to Asianet News Channel. 2.TV News Bureau: The company intends to engage in news gathering activities and the editing and other post production activities. The same will be aired through Asianet News channel to audiences around the world. As the middle east region has a considerable population of Keralites, the channel intends to collect news of relevance and interest mainly to the Keralite population in the middle east. b.)Event Management 1. Business events management : Company will plan and manage corporate events in the region. 2. Exhibition organization and management: Company will plan and organize exhibitions for their clients/advertisers. 3. Festival events : Organizing and managing festivals for the indian community. 4. Live theatrical shows management: In addition to the above, the company will also be organizing promotional and ground events including live theatrical shows and musical/cultural shows.