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AROMA was founded on 2001 in Cairo, Egypt and has established a branch in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on 2016. It has been recognized as a market leader in the industry with its exceptional creativity, visual designs and communication solutions. Aroma strives to become a leading Post-production house and a Design Solutions provider in the Middle East,ranging from Channel Branding & Broadcast Design, Advertising, Music Videos, Drama, Motion Pictures & Television programs, and Digital Art. Aroma is home of one of the only 13 Cinevator five systems, which gives you the best intermediate negative or positive print possible out of your source material,Aroma provide the highest print quality you can get anywhere in the world. Aroma is now a content provider. The company, sets itself apart with their state of the art facilities in a modern and relaxed atmosphere. Operated by brilliant artists and creative professionals. Aroma incorporates the latest in technology and software. Already have 8 awards from the Promax/BDA in 2009 which included Best Public Announcement Award and the Best ON-AIR Channel Branding Award and the Best Original Logo Design Award. Since 2009 AROMA worked on more than 150 movies, 10 TV Series, 85 TV Programs and 850 Advertisements in addition to attending more than 15 international festivals

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Office : 408 , 410
Floor : Floor 4
Building : Loft Office 1
Dubai Media City