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Established in March 2001, the Arabian Radio Network (ARN) is the region’s largest radio network. ARN displays a balance between community values and commercial growth. With a listenership of 4.1 million a week, ARN has the largest listener base in the UAE. ARN caters to all major demographic segments with Tag 91.1, Dubai 92, 92 Smooth, 92 Rock, Radio Shoma 93.4, Hit 96.7, Hit Classics, Al Arabiya 99, Al Arabiya Cassette, Al Khaleejiya 100.9, Al Khaleejiya Classic, City 101.6, City Dance, City Dil Se, Dubai Eye 103.8, Virgin Radio 104.4, Virgin Radio Beat and Virgin Radio Chill. Committed to improving the quality of broadcasting standards in the region, ARN sits at the forefront of the region’s media innovation. All ARN stations are multiplatform with unique content accessible online and via the latest smartphones apps. With unique access to the UAE’s diverse communities, We provide compelling, tailored advertising solutions that spark genuine relationships with the audience. We understand your needs: we can help you speak to your consumers and build your brands. ARN is fully integrated as a digital content provider beyond on air broadcasting. All of ARN’s FM radio stations are fully multi-platform, with unique content accessible online and via the latest smartphone apps. The station websites are strongly promoted on the radio stations. Online streaming and smartphone apps are complemented and enhanced by blogging, podcasting and active social media. Greatly benefitting listeners, digital radio allows for excellent digital sound and reception with visual text and data information, and new digital only stations.

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