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‘business en motion’, founded in 2007 and based in Dubai Knowledge Park, moves businesses and leaders ahead through change, while offering the distinct value proposition of deep, evidenced results. Working in the space of leadership, change and strategic learning, the business demonstrates: • An ability to ask the right questions and to have the tough conversations • The co-creation of in-house capability and transference of full responsibility • Conversions of difficult concepts into simplicity • A systematic approach which connects all components with ‘a red thread’ • An ability to show evidence of deep results and change; maximized results with a minimum of fuss. It serves industry and government across the GCC, boasting 95% client retention rate. Debbie Nicol, the company’s founder and MD is a body of curiosity, vitality and determination. Her professional passion is the corporate business world, and the opportunity ‘disconnected leaders and businesses’ present to her. A published author, Debbie is in high demand as both a keynote, columnist and learning board member. She is an active supporter of The Leadership Challenge, ORSC (Organizational Relationship Systems Coaching) and ICF (International Coaching Federation. Her personal passion is physical challenge in the great outdoors. A reputed individual in both the community and press, one with strong focus and dedication to personal and professional transformation, Debbie invites all to connect with her spirit and energy.

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