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Associate Training Partners at Corner-stone training solutions have many years of experience specializing in key business development areas, in various industry segments. The team of partners at Corner-stone training solutions, have an uncompromised commitment to produce high quality designed and delivered programs that are sustainable, measurable and exceed clients’ expectations, with optimum benefits and impact. This is reflected in the number of companies, multinational and regional that have put their trust in us to provide them with business solutions that can show demonstrably, continual and measured improvement in skills, knowledge, and attitude as well as business performance. Using a partnership approach with associate training partners and clients, we are committed to providing quality training solutions keeping our methods practical and innovative. We dare to be simple and we confidently say it out loud. We offer highly interactive and innovative solutions to our clients which lead the way with tremendous opportunities to support the practice and develop the skills of their staff, and only breathing assets, to become successful in business today. Beginning with an unbinding face time with our prospects, followed by a pre-training proposal and ending with a post-training certificate and evaluation report, you can only expect a great deal in quality, all through the process from start to finish, and which involves attention to the smallest detail that forms the basis of any training program. Quality is what we pride ourselves having in our approach with our clients, from learning about their needs to delivering and facilitating workshops, to generating management reports and ending with certificates’ distribution and evaluations. 85% of the new business we enjoy today comes from high referrals initiated by our current happy customers, and we say that proudly and loudly. We never compromise on quality…and you shouldn’t neither! At Corner-stone training solutions, you will get value for money all the time, every time.

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