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International education is growing rapidly and the sector is bringing together schools, developers, investors and governments in new partnerships. What we offer is comprehensive educational, financial and operational guidance from highly-regarded global experts. At BBD Education, we bring expertise that is grounded in experience of opening and managing schools in the GCC region and south Asia. We have worked with regulators to get approvals in place; we have worked with construction companies to ensure school buildings are well-designed and ready on time; we have worked with investors to financially model schools and execute value creation plans; we have worked with school leaders to ensure academic success; we have put in place governance structures to match the needs of emerging school models; we have undertaken procurement for clients and achieved outstanding value-for-money; we have implemented marketing strategies for schools that are competing in challenging markets; we have trained teachers and undertaken school improvement programmes; and we have recruited teachers for start-up and existing schools to ensure that schools are staffed in time for the new academic year. Recent work includes opening premium schools, affordable schools, a special school and a prestigious digital school. We commonly work with the American, Arab, IB, Indian and UK curricula.

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