Archiplexus Architecture and Design FZ-LLC

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Archiplexus is a Dubai-born design-oriented architectural firm that is committed to innovation and excellence in iconic architecture for places of work, retail, hospitality and living. We are architects and interior designers who combine rigorous human-centric design with local construction management experience - an exceptional combination that informs our distinct architecture: aesthetically avant-garde and intellectually rigorous as well as financially informed. Our design values are progressive: efficiency, forward-looking, beauty, advanced manipulation and expression of materials, with attention to detail create forms that allow the architecture itself - the space, light, materials, spatial relationships - and its users to thrive. The result is an architecture that is futuristic but timeless, daring yet universally rational in order to reflect the values and characters of our clients. We trust that our transformative designs ensure students learn better, communities feel connected and residents to thrive in their homes. Archiplexus is an altogether different architectural practice focused on bringing greater depth and meaning to the built environment. We are interested in creating memorable experiences to all of our project’s users and we trust that we will be key contributors in the crafting of Dubai’s unique future developments. It is our intention that our passion towards innovative human-centered design is able to create inspiring solutions to our clients as well as communities.

Address 1

Office : 109 , 108
Floor : Floor 1
Building : Building 01
Dubai Media City

Address 3

Office : R/C101
Floor : Floor 1
Building : Tower
Dubai Studio City