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We are a niche analytics firm, focusing on providing out of the box analytics and outsourcing solutions to clients across domains. We develop and deploy disruptive solutions which help our clients compete more effectively and capture business value faster, providing them data-driven, action-oriented solutions through statistical data mining, cutting edge analytics combined with a consultative approach. With collective experience of 50+ years of the team across business analytics and outsourcing, we provide on-demand analytical reports, on-demand expertise and software driven solutions to our clients. Companies have unused information hidden in their point of sale software, procurement and human resource systems, spreadsheets, historic sales etc. Harness their full potential. We provide advanced statistical and mathematical tools to re-invent business and develop bespoke analytics tools based on the needs of companies. We Convert isolated data points into key drivers in business decisions through advanced statistical and mathematical tools to re-invent business and improve productivity by reengineering processes with the help of tailor-made technology solutions. Our primary services include - analytical solutions to create go-to-market strategies to revive or boost product/service performance, on-demand skilled expertise, on-demand performance reporting & reviews, and business process management services. In addition we also provide expert level consultancy and assist in automation of business processes to deliver highly effective outcomes. Also, we integrate information fragmented over multiple isolated systems, and generate business insights. Some of the key industries that we support include Media, Education, Manufacturing, Sports, Entertainment and Telecom.

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