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The primary activity of the Group (and the Company) is the sale, marketing and distribution of its own branded and generic prescription medicines globally. We acquire “mature” (i.e. post-patent expiry), branded prescription medicines from large cap and specialty pharma globally. Our dedicated team has vast experience in transitioning medicines seamlessly into our networks, and working with vendors to ensure there is no disruption in supply to patients. We develop line extensions (new formulations or new markets) to the medicines we acquire. We also develop our own niche generic medicines in-house. Our chemists work with our other experts to make the most of the medicines we acquire, developing new formulations for new markets. They also work on developing niche generic medicines. We currently own and market a portfolio of 17 medicines in over 130 markets globally. Once we have transitioned an acquired medicine, our In Line team takes over, making sure we maintain the highest standard of ethical medical practice, manage our supply chain and deliver high-quality medicines to our patients.

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