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Saade Group is a holding company that invests in media representations. It holds stakes in IMS, ExtraMilleage and Digital Tree. All media representation companies with different portfolios. The holding emerge as a premier investment holding company focusing on developing media entities in the Mena and GCC region. Saade Group draw on its strong team combined experience in marketing, and sales, in addition to the network of its principal investors to generate superior returns for the stakeholders. It is a people driven organization committed to the well – being of our employees and the communities in which we live and work. History • Founded by Ahmad Saadeh in 2007, from a modest office in Riyadh IMS turned into a major player within the media industry to be known for its Credibility,Professionalism and Good Service. • In 2009 IMS acquired the exclusive rights for Arreyadi newspaper. • In 2010 IMS won the representation of Fatafeat TV, Print and Online. • In 2011 Saade Group was established to Aquire IMS GCC and expand its territory in the region. • In 2011 IMS acquired The Times newspaper. • In 2012 SG established Armada Group in Lebanon to expand its coverage inthe Levant region. • In 2012 IMS was approached by Al Majd Network for exclusive representation in the Arab world • In 2013 IMS won again the Exclusive right of representation for Fatafeat TV, Online and print, for the next 3 years under the Discovery network management • In 2014 IMS Acquired the Exclusive Sales right for Sky News Arabia in KSA. • In 2013 SG Established IMS in Egypt to expand its territory into the North African region. • In 2014 SG established Extra Mileage (EM) to acquire the Exclusive Sales rights for AL WATAN Newspaper KSA & Alif Alif Radio for the Middle East for the next5 years. • In 2014 IMS acquired the Exclusive Sales rights in Egypt for Zee Network . • In 2015 SG Acquired Digital Tree an Online media company to establish its foot print in the Digital Media arena. • In 2015 SG Acquired Al Aan TV representation.

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