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10Pearls creates world-class digital experiences. 10Pearls is an award winning digital transformation company, helping businesses with product design, development and technology acceleration. We specialize in mobile & web apps, enterprise solutions, cyber security, big data, IoT, cloud and devops. We are 400+ employees and growing. We blend high-value stateside contributors (UX/UI, Product Managers, Architects, Security) with our global development work force to provide value to our customers. We have partnered with a range of growing companies and large enterprises across the US to help accelerate product development. Our clients include some great brands and start-ups, including: Time Warner Cable, Nextel International, Discovery, Johnson & Johnson, Zubie, Blackboard, National Geographic, JK Moving, etc. We are known for delivering some of the most innovative and high quality, yet cost effective solutions for businesses. Articles: Below are some articles that you may find interesting about 10Pearls. As you may appreciate, such coverage helps us not just recruit top talent, but also retain our employees- which ultimately ensures that our delivery is of highest quality. • Washington Post coverage (pls note that as of today we are at 280+ employees with 40+ stateside): http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/pakistan-native-tries-to-demystify-his-native-country-with-software-start-up/2014/12/20/c897fc30-8499-11e4-b9b7-b8632ae73d25_story.html • The Guardian coverage: Usability with Security: http://www.theguardian.com/media-network/2015/nov/26/usability-safety-how-to-design-better-security-technology • 50 on Fire recognition: http://10pearls.com/10pearls-crowned-50-fire-winner-inthecapital/ • 10Pearls Acquires Information Security firm, Gemini (cc’d to this email is Peter Hesse, who is now 10Pearls’ CSO): http://10pearls.com/application-developer-10pearls-acquires-information-security-firm-gemini-security-solutions/

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