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ABB Global Marketing FZ-LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of ABB Asea Brown Boveri Ltd (the "Parent Company" or the "ABB Group"), a Company registered in Switzerland which is both its parent and ultimate parent company. The principal activities of the Company are to promote a range of expertise and capabilities and manage international marketing and sales activities in certain countries on behalf of the ABB Group. The company provides marketing and sales services to ABB suppliers’ exporting to small countries. The services to ABB suppliers include general as well as order related marketing and sales services, either through ABB Global Marketing FZ-LLC’s own representative offices in certain countries or through the purchase of marketing and sales support services from other ABB companies, or through marketing and sales services purchased from local thirdparty agents. In summary, ABB Global Marketing FZ-LLC operates in these countries through three types of marketing and sales structures: 1. Via local ABB companies appointed by ABB Global Marketing FZ-LLC to carry out, on its behalf, the marketing and sales of ABB goods and services 2. Via own Representative Offices, including own marketing and sales staff, which ABB Global Marketing FZ-LLC will establish in some countries once the company is up and running 3. Via third party agents ABB Global Marketing FZ-LLC acts as representative for marketing and sales of world-wide ABB suppliers’ products in all the countries (emerging markets) under its responsibility.

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