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ABC Marketing and Distributing FZ LLC was incorporated in 2007 in the Dubai Studio City – Free Zone. We started off in the Dubai Media City Free Zone and then moved operations to Dubai Studio City in 2009. ABC was successfully established from the very start as a leading supplier of exceptional quality broadcast content. Our business comprises three separate entities working closely together to achieve the best result. 1.ABC Marketing and Distribution, located in Dubai Studio City is responsible for the selection and purchasing of Programs, movies and international drama works through regular visits to the major film markets and exhibitions all over the world. These programs are translated into the various Arabic dialects and dubbed for distribution to the broadcasters throughout the Middle East and North Africa, in fact, to all Arab speaking countries plus Iran. 2.ABC Damascus for Art Production – producers of some of the drama and Entertainment programs. 3.ABC Damascus Dubbing and Sub-titling Studios – responsible for the technical operations of the production and post-production work, dubbing, sub-titling and translation. These studios are considered to be among the most important and largest studios in the Middle East Region, due to the range of top quality services and the level of technical expertise offered.

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Office : 504
Floor : Floor 5
Building : Building 04
Dubai Studio City