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Fostacademy is an independent non-profit making professional institution offering professional Education and HR Training development programs leading to “professional certificates and diplomas”. Al Fostat Academy in Affiliations with the following International professional education providers  The Association of Certified Public Accountants Int’l, ACPAI, UK.  Certified Public Accountants Association, CPAA, UK  American / Canadian Institute of Financial Consultants.IFC  Chartered Institute of Management Consultants-Canada.  Chartered Association of Business Administrators-Canada. CABA  Canadian School of Finance & Management.  International American University-California.  Institute of Certified Forensic Accountants. ICFA, Canada & USA  Pebble Hills University, California, USA (Online programs; BBA, MBA,& DBA)  Ecole Superieur Rebort de Sorbon- France ( Professional MBA & DBA) Fostacademy offers some other professional education and training courses in the fields of Accounting, Finance, Management of Information Systems, and Marketing& Management. Fostacademy Mission  Develop and apply appropriate strategies to ensure effective learning.  Equip the trainees with skills necessary in the work place and for their future careers.  Serve to link applicants with domestic and international work environment and keeping their skills and knowledge right up to date.  Make professional contributions to technological information throughout their professional careers and adapt to technological and social changes. What do we offer? We offer a constantly changing portfolio of courses designed to optimize your effectiveness at work whether in practice, management or public services. Accreditation and Recognition of Al Fostat Academy’s Diplomas All international Diplomas offered by Al Fostat Academy are issued by affiliated international professional education providers in USA and Canada; accordingly the diplomas are accredited by official authorization bodies in each country and are recognized worldwide as professional diplomas. All domestic training completion issued by Al Fostat Academy are accredited by KHDA, Dubai Authority.

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