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In May 2005, APEX was founded and nested its hub in Dubai Knowledge Park www.dkp.ae located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is community that facilitates premiere learning and training, a center of excellence for innovative education, a destination for both regional and international learners, bridging the gaps among global learners. This wide array of business offerings and opportunities have been essential to the growth and development of APEX Company. Also, it help us to meet our goals and step-up efforts in acquiring a strong and competitive workforce. In 2014, APEX moved its office to Dubai International Academic City www.diac.ae It was launched in April, 2007 to cater the needs of the region’s growing and diverse academic community. We are devoted to continually improve our Progression, Performance and Attitude by setting measurable, tangible targets and objectives, to ensure that Customer’s Requirements and Expectations are met at an agreed Time, Quality & Cost wherever and whenever required. In 2016, another major Strategic Decision was taken up by the Management to better cater the needs in Business and increase accessibility to a wider market especially in the African Regions. The decision also opened opportunities for the Egyptian Workforce and provided opportunity to establish successful Strategic Partnerships with vital business sectors, which will achieve the success of both parties locally and internationally. In this time of change and the emergence of the new economy, we are experiencing an elemental change in the marketplace. This change was drawn about by Globalization, Advance Technology and New Generation of people who desire to make a greater impact and aspire to excel and stand tall among others in the marketplace.   This has paved the way for APEX to realize the importance of Training and Development to help every individual and companies succeed in their field of specialization to achieve their Vision.

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