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As a global leader in knowledge search, AlphaSights provides its clients with direct, one-on-one live interactions with knowledgeable experts who can shed light and provide insight into whatever question or issue is at stake. Whether by telephone, in-person or through short- and long-term engagements: personal one-on-one dialogue is the most effective way for our clients to elicit and onboard new knowledge. Founded in 2008, AlphaSights currently employs around 600 professionals in nine offices around the globe and regularly ranks as one of the fastest-growing companies in the world.

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Office : B3-45 , B3-46 , P3-19 , 1601 , B1-89 , 1608 , B1-86 , B1-87 , B1-88 , 1607
Floor : Basement 3
Building : Thuraya 2