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Our mediums BNC Publishing is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The company, formulated in January 2014, currently publishes both mass media and industry-oriented trade publications. In brief, BNC Publishing’s lead title in the print and web media industries is the Entrepreneur MENA franchise, with three current publication divisions. Entrepreneur MENA publications are officially licensed to BNC Publishing by the U.S. business and growth publication Entrepreneur. The trade publication titles are the sole intellectual property of BNC Publishing, with no external licensing authority. In addition to print and web mediums, BNC Publishing manages commercial interests for various entities on an exclusive contract basis. Our strategy BNC Publishing is a print and digital oriented corporation committed to a multi-tiered approach including the ever-evolving social media space. A combination of print and web mediums allows BNC Publishing to leverage several demographics and target markets across the MENA region. Our people The BNC Publishing team is comprised of professionals with decades of experience across commercial, editorial, and digital arenas. Our Board of Directors, media production veterans with extensive MENA region experience, apply their in-market knowledge to strategic excellence. Our digital, creative and editorial leads apply current industry trends and standards to all BNC Publishing material, ensuring marketable and valuable end products.

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