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The Wedding Party Store Your wedding day will be one of themost memorable days of your life. As your day unfolds, there are so manyspecial aspects that you will want toreflect on for many many years to come. From the exciting anticipation you will feel during your preparations through to the emotional glow you will experience as you lose yourself in your first dance, your images will be the only reminders of how you truly felt at each of these “ once in a lifetime” moments. -Studio Ballerina We are wedding photography and videography studio based in Dubai, UAE We are team who specialize in creative, high quality imagery to fit you and your personality. Our team strives to capture all the emotions and all the little things that come together to make life beautifully and unforgettable. To show real life in our photos, we do not just click the camera button, but rather we put our feelings and emotions, passing each shot through ourselves and devoting most of our life to your photos. Over the years of working as a photographers. Creativity is putting your imagination to work, and it's produced the most extraordinary results in human culture.

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