We place sustainability and environmental, social and governance (ESG) at the core of our operating model. We are implementing a Group-wide adoption of ESG initiatives in line with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, as well as Dubai’s Clean Energy Strategy and Dubai Net Zero Emissions Strategy 2050.

ESG Report


The 5 pillars of our ESG framework

Focuses on our initiatives around enabling innovation by measuring the number of start-ups and events organised to support local entrepreneurs and adapting our efforts to enhance impact.

Focuses on measuring and improving the monetary and in-kind support extended to local non-governmental organisations, community partners, and international humanitarian organisations.

Focuses on tracking and improving our diversity and inclusion metrics around recruitment, Emiratisation, training and talent development, as well as health and safety.

Focuses on measuring and reporting energy efficiency by tracking fuel, electricity and water consumption and wastage across the Group.

Focuses on monitoring internal audits and coverage of ISO certifications on environmental and health management systems, including procurement spent on local business, SMEs, and female-owned businesses.


Our properties are in material compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. Our environmental policy adheres to strict guidelines to limit the impact on the land and the surrounding areas in which we operate.

Enabling the UAE’s low carbon future

We are committed to supporting the national Road to Net Zero by 2050 in line with the global COP26 agreement. Along with several solar energy projects implemented across select business districts, we are planning retrofitting projects in 2022 to continue reducing electricity and water consumption across our portfolio. We have also implemented a utility monitoring and analytics platform to monitor energy and water consumption and fault detection in real time.


Active solar energy projects

Reducing traditional energy consumption and our carbon footprint

Active solar energy projects