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Production (Film/TV and Radio)
  • Production – Film/ TV, and Radio
e-Motion is a content agency based in the United Arab Emirates. e-Motion International proposes various packages for video, photo and digital services. Our offering includes retainers, exclusive contracts and customized projects. We offer highly experienced personnel and cutting-edge technology to serve the production needs of all our clients in the Gulf region and beyond. We adapt our production approach to the cultural specificities of the region, mixing our European sensitivities with the local culture to emerge with original and highly differentiating content. We assist our clients for the conception and the production, delivering the result on any and every format and platform. Beyond production, we specialize in developing the right concepts for clients, based on a careful and detailed analysis of their position, their communication needs and their target audience. We also support the distribution and promotion of the contents. Our strong emphasis on communication, our rigorous production workflow and our constant attention to detail guarantee our clients a smart and controlled result. High quality is our minimum standard and we constantly strive to suggest innovative solutions to our clients, both creatively and technically. With a stable of regular clients who trust us year after year, e-Motion works tirelessly to grow its client base further and wider. No budget is too small, no project too ambitious. We thrive on constraints and we respond eagerly to challenges. eMotion is also a production facilitator for foreign productions who wants to produce in the Gulf region. Let us tell your story. Let us bring you emotion.

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