Empowering start-ups and entrepreneurs

By fostering new ideas and creating growth opportunities, TECOM Group aims to attract and empower start-ups and entrepreneurs who will spearhead innovation and economic diversification.

infive Launched in 2013, this enabling platform for start-ups and entrepreneurs offers key benefits, which include a robust business set-up framework, training and mentorship, networking, investment opportunities, and prototyping labs, studios and creative workspaces. Today in5 offers three Innovation Centres across three industries: Tech, Media and Design.
D/Quarters Launched in 2022, D/Quarters is a future-focused co-working space for freelancers, entrepreneurs, SMEs and global corporations with flexible, scalable workspace solutions. Members can benefit from a variety of value-added services, including access to a community of skilled talent, a smart app, high-tech amenities, event spaces, food and beverage, and retailers.
GoFreelance Offered by Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City and Dubai Knowledge Park, the GoFreelance package enables specialists in technology, media, education and design sectors to operate as a freelance professional.
Marketplace Individuals who are part of GoFreelance get exclusive opportunities for new jobs, to bid on projects and grow their network via the online platform, Marketplace.