Dubai International Academic City Committed to Supporting Students through Stages of the Education Lifecycle

27 April 2014

Amidst the growing importance of matching an individual’s skills with the market needs, Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) has launched various initiatives aimed at supporting individuals through the life cycle of education. This sequence begins when prospective students assess their higher education opportunities, and then begin to make decisions on which career path to follow, to students seeking internship opportunities, to finally becoming alumni seeking appropriate job placements.

One of those initiatives is the DIAC Open Day – the DIAC University and Career Guidance Day, which has recently taken place. It was aimed to provide a common platform for higher education service providers, students and parents to interact and explore various career areas and higher education options available. The event was set to help identify the relevant skills of students, by interacting and engaging with them to identify their talents, interests and skill sets.
The recent workforce planning study result was used to help and guide student to the appropriate and demanded programs and skills by the various industries in the country and the region.

The Open Day is part of a series of initiatives organised by DIAC, such as the DIAC Career Fair, which brings together students, graduates and leading corporations, guiding graduates on the most effective job search and interview techniques, and offer potential employers the opportunity to get closer to the most relevant talent.

Dr. Ayoub Kazim, Managing Director of Dubai International Academic City and Dubai Knowledge Village said:
“We are committed to creating engaging, relevant and personalised learning experiences that mirror students’ daily lives and the reality of their futures. We must empower students to take control of their own learning by engaging with them to become active and responsible, providing them with guidance and options enabling them to make their own choices. Current and future market needs must be a core building block of our nation’s drive to implement effective education systems. Through our initiatives we constantly gather and sharpen data for continuous improvement, data that is relevant to individuals throughout their various educational stages to ensure we transform students to successful learners, creating responsible citizens and effective contributors.

Student-centric learning and employability are vital to tracking activities which our institutions have put in place. We constantly work towards improving our students’ experience to ensure graduates are successfully integrated into the labour market.”

Events such as DIAC Open Day, along with DIAC’s other initiatives and studies, are valuable to governmental institutions, private sector organisations, academic institutions, and other stakeholders looking to advance the UAE’s future talent pool in diverse capacities.

Livia Fama, Teaching and Learning Centre Coordinator/Adjunct Lecturer at Murdoch University Dubai, supports this commenting:
“We work hard to provide individual assistance and support to students with resume and cover letter writing, interview skills and job-search strategies, giving them the tools to transform their theoretical knowledge into real-life experience gained through an internship or full-time job opportunity. DIAC has supported our efforts and provided our students with many employment opportunities. Their initiatives and support help reinforce the importance of implementing academic knowledge acquired by students to the professional world they will become part of as alumni.”

Adding to that, Shruti Jeevaraj, Placement Officer and Industry Partner, Manipal University, Dubai, supports introducing students to their career perspectives at early stages of their education in order to ensure a right choice has been made. She adds on saying:
“Initiatives such as these help students make informed career decisions right at the onset. They get the opportunity to interact with people from various disciplines, understand the career options and hence opt for the right degree based on their skills and competencies. Such initiatives help students understand all aspects of the coursework and be fully prepared before they graduate.”

The final stage of the education lifecycle is assisting the students in finding suitable employment. After the student carefully decides their career path, being made aware of the market requirements, and studying in an engaging learning environment, students will be ready to face the professional world upon their graduation.
At Manipal University, alumni are invited as guest speakers for their respective discipline. This helps in bridging the gap between university curriculum and industry needs. Their alumni also happen to be their first choice to help students get internship opportunities.

Another academic partner of DIAC; Amity University, Dubai, has forged a very strong partnership with its alumni from the campuses in India who are currently employed in the UAE. Through their annual alumni meet, current students are able to meet and interact with alumni and learn from their professional experiences. Alumni also participate in the Student Placement Process, which include mock interviews and interactive forums, supporting a successful career progression.

S P Jain School of Global Management (S P Jain), one of DIAC’s academic partners, was ranked first in the UAE by Nielsen in its Salary Audit Topline Report 2014, which indicates that the school’s MBA graduates received the highest salaries in the UAE on graduation. The findings were drawn from a salary audit conducted by Nielsen of fresh management graduates who have been placed within various companies in the UAE. Nielsen reported that S P Jain graduates enjoy starting salaries 45% higher than their peers from other UAE universities, which is driven by their remarkable workplace performance.

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