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Dubai Design District

Highlights of day five of Dubai Fashion Week SS24

14 October 2023
Press Release

Highlights of day five Of dubai fashion week ss24 ● Slimi Studio unveiled a collection which drew inspiration from Indian Hindu culture ● The Giving Movement unveiled its sustainable collection and marked the occasion with an exclusive evening event ● Polimoda and AFC hosted an exclusive luncheon to mark the collaboration announcement, with Massimiliano Giornetti, Director of Polimoda, and Jacob Abrian, CEO of Arab Council, in attendance ● Threads Talks by META & Arab Fashion Council took centre stage to shed light on the business of fashion and the latest trends, developments, and the pivotal role of social media in the ever-evolving world of fashion

Dubai, UAE, 14 October 2023: Dubai Fashion Week (DFW), the region’s definitive fashion fixture co-founded by Dubai Design District (d3) and Arab fashion Council (AFC), continues.

DOMENICO OREFICE Domenico Orefice, the Florence-based designer behind Domenico Orefice™, found a nurturing haven at Polimoda, fueling its growth. The brand's philosophy is rooted in a dual universe, seamlessly merging the tangible and virtual domains, erasing the conventional boundaries that separate them. This duality isn't a division but rather a harmonious fusion, evident in every facet of the brand, where it bridges fashion, accessories, and the dynamic world of 3D and the metaverse. The collection featured cargo denim jeans, oversized cargo skirts, elegantly ruffled all-black dresses, bomber jackets, coats, and designs that exude the essence of the brand. Biker-inspired silhouettes with striking white lining added a distinct edge to the wearer's style.

SLIMI STUDIO Immersed in the rich and vibrant hues of Indian Hindu culture, this collection drew inspiration from the enchanting colours of a sunset, weaving a narrative that embodies courage, spirituality, and personal growth. It unfolds as a story divided into two distinct parts. The first segment shone a spotlight on streetwear, showcasing denim, contemporary cuts, oversized silhouettes, and a dash of femininity that adds a fresh twist to modern fashion. The oversized hooped earrings resonate in harmony with the flowing fabrics, creating a rhythm down the runway. From tasseled ensembles to billowy ruffled oversized-sleeved bralettes and fitted bustiers, this segment epitomised the essence of casual chic with a contemporary edge. The second part unfolded as an ode to evening elegance, with a focus on high-end fabrics, meticulously colour-coded to perfection. Sparkling mesh high-neck crop tops, sheer gowns, and a vibrant yellow and subdued turquoise cut-out dress took centre stage, symbolising a profound sense of liberation and sophistication. The "Wheel of Time" concept weaves into the collection's narrative, creating a fusion of cultural depth and modern fashion.

VIVA VOX The designer, known for their distinctive prints and unparalleled expertise in blending fur and leather seamlessly into both outerwear and fashion ensembles, unveiled a captivating array of looks from the "The Heroine" collection. Drawing inspiration from the narrative of a rock star's girlfriend, a character known for her glamorous lifestyle and artful escapes from the paparazzi, these looks masterfully narrated the story while offering an intriguing fusion of style. Black dominated the stage once more, with oversized plaid fabric ensembles that included blazers and shorts, long coats, black velvet and leather suits accessorised with dark shades, and asymmetric shirts paired with maxi skirts. The collection also shimmered with metallic olive green, black, copper, and silver. A soft, yet bold palette of lilac and teal made an appearance, enhancing the femininity of the models with airy fabrics, ombre black sparkling long-sleeved silhouette dresses, and flattering deep neck cuts, creating a harmonious blend of chic and intrigue.

THE GIVING MOVEMENT *SUSTAINABLE The brand unveiled a collection that seamlessly embodied its core values of sustainability, authenticity, innovation, and a philanthropic spirit. The fashion showcase was a brilliant tapestry of colours, blending bold shades of black, electric blue, vivid orange, earthy khaki, and subtle beige with intricately patterned fabric. The collection showcased a dynamic fusion of elastic fabrics in sporty cuts, giving rise to brassieres, oversized cargo pants, biker shorts, and form-fitting mini skirts, paired with casual yet stylish t-shirts. At its heart, the brand's ethos shone through, emphasising comfortable, forward-thinking pieces that effortlessly bridge versatility and style. These designs consider the comfort and chic sensibility of the wearer, creating a harmonious union of fashion-forward ease. Dubai Fashion Week runway shows continue today with: Anaya; Erick Bendana; Ihab Jiryis; Designers & US; and Valentin Yudashkin. The first-ever Mega Showroom retail pop-up for buyers and the public continues in Building 11 at d3. For the full calendar and to register visit: Follow all Dubai Fashion Week events and news at:

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