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Dubai Design District

Highlights of day four Of dubai fashion week ss24

13 October 2023
Press Release

Highlights of day four Of Dubai Fashion Week ss24 ● A runway show by Graduate Fashion Week International, with support from FAD, commenced the fourth day of Duba Fashion Week ● BLSSD continued their creative journey with an extension of last year's collection, presenting "Not 2.0." ● Anomalous X SCHWARZKOPF captivated the audience with a collection that defied traditional designs ● Zeena Zaki graced the runway with her captivating designs ● Lavazza's pop-up lounge continued to offer a delightful space for visitors to savour coffee-based drinks amidst the fashionable ambiance

Dubai, UAE, 13 October 2023: Dubai Fashion Week (DFW), the region’s definitive fashion fixture co-founded by Dubai Design District (d3) and Arab fashion Council (AFC), continues.

GRADUATE FASHION WEEK INTERNATIONAL With the unwavering support of FAD, the Graduate Fashion Foundation plays a crucial role in assisting graduates as they make the transition from education to the dynamic fashion industry. This support not only ensures a brighter future for these emerging talents but also fosters lasting employability. Notably, the Foundation enjoys the patronage of esteemed figures such as Dame Zandra Rhodes, Diane Von Furstenberg, Nick Knight, Victoria Beckham, and Nadja Swarovski. Under their guidance, the runway was transformed into a canvas of artistic expression, where designs transcended mere fashion and ventured into the creative realms of exceptionally ambitious talents. The collection catered to both men and women, offering a compelling array of features, including printed full face covers that seamlessly blended with the models' silhouettes, exaggerated ruffles and collars, defined shoulder cuts, integrated denim, and striking spikes in bold colours. But the innovation didn't stop there, as burgundy bomber jackets, and shades of orange, khaki, blue, and resplendent gold also made an entrance. Each design exuded a distinct individuality, amplifying the promise of continued creativity within the fashion industry.

BLSSD The BLSSD collection, titled "Not 2.0," unfolded as a daring, poetic, and innovative approach to design. Building upon the foundation set by last year's "Not" collection, these looks continued to challenge the conventional by posing the question, "What are you not?" Through disruptive design statements, the collection melded elements of minimalism, glitz, and sporty aesthetics with an audacious sophistication. Experimental textile manipulations, transparent layering, boundary-breaking fabric combinations, and eye-catching silhouettes were key highlights. This season, a departure from the traditional monochromatic palette was evident, as the colour taupe was introduced, adding a touch of beautifully muted refinement to the collection. From parachute balloon dresses exuding billowing volume and movement to tailored broad-shoulder blazers cinched at the waist with drawstrings, each piece reaffirmed the brand's distinctive visual identity. The inclusion of luxurious glossy vegan leather paired with satin printed bralettes created a striking contrast. Cut-outs, mesh grids, crisscross patterns, and delicate organza further enhanced the versatility of the "Not 2.0" collection, encouraging exploration of openness and authenticity in style.

ZEENA ZAKI Zeena Zaki’s designs once again effortlessly captured elegance and sophistication, with a sensual yet bold edge. The collection presented a vibrant array of colours, including both short and maxi dresses, offering a rich variety. Within this collection, body hugging silhouettes and subtle sparkle mingled with layered textiles and metallic glitter, creating a mesmerising effect. The beauty of mesh metallic outfits, long dresses with enticing peeks of skin, sleek black gowns with broad over-the-shoulder collars, and lace embellishments accentuating the female form was simply breathtaking. There were also striking designs featuring beige under tulle and edgy elements that playfully accentuated the models' femininity. Muted sunshine yellow, teal, and faded green made their appearances, while deep green and lilac exuded a sense of royalty with hypnotic fabric movements. To crown the collection, a wedding dress exuded grace and refinement, embracing the feminine form with refined elegance.

DIMA AYAD The Dubai-based Lebanese designer maintains her infatuation with metallic elements, as evidenced by her latest collection. Yet, the incorporation of this distinctive feature is a delicate dance, revealing itself in tantalising glimpses amidst a symphony of other textiles, ultimately elevating simplicity to a realm of sophisticated sensuality. On the runway, we witnessed the emergence of double-breasted blazers exuding a refined aura, alongside soft ruffled chemises and a captivating interplay of delicate and daring polka dot prints. The designer's vision also brought forth dresses boasting generous over-the-shoulder collars, a striking contrast to the sleek, long-sleeved elegant gowns, all elegantly paired with rose-hued metallic boots. The colour palette chosen for this collection is a testament to its understated allure, with shades of black, white, beige, gold, and the occasional hint of pink infusing life into these deceptively simple yet undeniably eye-catching designs. This collection epitomises a fusion of sensuality and sophistication that transcends the boundaries of fashion.

ANOMALOUS X SCHWARZKOPF DFW Unveils "Resilient Reflections": A creative narrative in collaboration with OSIS. The runway came alive with the "Resilient Reflections" collection, a dynamic fashion narrative co-created with the renowned hair brand OSIS. This collaborative masterpiece introduced a captivating juxtaposition of designs, notably featuring dresses crafted from dry hair, an embodiment of the fusion between textures and shapes. The collection wove a narrative of emotional strength and sensitivity, showcasing the transformative journey from the fluidity of flowing fabrics to the bold, glossy, and meticulously structured garments. The stage was adorned with a striking array of fashion, from sheer fabrics and cropped shirts to silk cargo pants. The "Resilient Reflections" collection encompassed an impressive variety of designs, ranging from intricate cut-outs to enigmatic face-covered looks. From tailored suits to elegant dresses, the runway became a fiesta of fabrics and designs, exemplifying the remarkable creative vision behind this collaboration. Dubai Fashion Week runway shows continue today with: Domenico Orefice supported by Polimoda; Slimi Studio; Viva Vox; and The Giving Movement. The first-ever Mega Showroom retail pop-up for buyers and the public continues in Building 11 at d3. For the full calendar and to register visit: Follow all Dubai Fashion Week events and news at:

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